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"Being the mother of an asthmatic son, it was amazing to see that he could sit on the stairs and talk to me as I cleaned using Bio-OX, as opposed to me sending him outside when I have to use other store products. He did not cough once and even he (a five year old boy) noticed. 'Mom, it’s not making me feel sick – that stuff is great!' " – Tara, Director, Sears Maid Service, Canada

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Bio-OX Citrus Concentrate Applications Chart
Bio-OX Citrus Concentrate Applications Chart
  Bio-OX Citrus Concentrate
  PAWS Concentrate Light Duty
¼ oz (1½ tsp)
per quart
2 oz (¼ cup)
per quart
Heavy Duty
8 oz (1 cup)
per quart
Appliances       check  
Bathrooms     check   check
Blood       check check
Cabinets     check    
Carpet       check check
Concrete   check      
Countertops       check  
Crayon         check
Dashboards     check   check
Degreaser         check
Deodorizer         check
Driveways   check      
Extraction Cleaners   check      
Faucets     check    
Floor Mopping   check check    
General Cleaning       check  
Heavy Soils         check
Juice Stains       check check
Lipstick         check
Linoleum Floors       check  
Microwave Ovens       check  
Mirrors     check    
Odor Removal       check  
Ovens         check
Refrigerators       check  
Stains       check check
Steam Cleaner   check      
Stove Top         check
Tile & Grout         check
Urine check     check  
Walls     check    
Windows     check    
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