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"I own a cleaning business for both commercial and residential. I used to cart around a minimum of six cleaning agents, but not anymore! Bio-OX is the most incredible cleaning agent of the decade. Some of my clients have pets, others have specific illnesses that do not tolerate scents of any kind. Bio-OX is perfect! It not only cleans everything (and I do mean everything), it doesn't leave your home or office smelling like stale perfume. The only smell you get is CLEAN! From carpets to walls, baseboards to ceilings this product is a "must have" for anyone who cleans anything, cars, boats, houses, offices - you name it, Bio-OX will clean it." - Margo C., California

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Bio-OX Citrus Concentrate Safety Information
safety information for Bio-OX Citrus Concentrate
Bio-OX Citrus
Light Duty
Heavy Duty
Ingredients Water (the universal 'solvent')
Hydrogen peroxide (safe and effective source of oxygen)
Detergents (100% biodegradable and non-irritating)
Citrus oil (all-natural, penetrating cleaning agent)
HMIS Rating Health-0, Flammability-0, Reactivity-0
Personal Protection-None
Dilution Ratio None 1 oz/gal 8 oz/gal 32 oz/gal
Appearance Clear liquid Clear liquid Clear liquid Clear liquid
Odor Mild citrus None None None
Color Colorless Colorless Colorless Colorless
Flash point (įF) >200 None None None
VOCís <0.2% <15 ppm <120 ppm <500 ppm
Oral Toxicity Low Very low Very low Very low
Skin irritation None None None None
Eye irritation Slight None None None
Biodegradable Yes Yes Yes Yes
Carcinogens None None None None
Phosphates None None None None
Solvents None None None None
Caustics None None None None
Glycol Ethers None None None None
Alkyl phenols None None None None
Chlorine None None None None
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