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"Bio-OX is WONDERFUL. My husband had stepped in some oil outside and walked on our Berber carpet. This was about a year ago and I had tried several products to remove it...none worked EXCEPT for Bio-OX...removed every oil stain. Going to a friends house on Saturday to try on a stain....you may have another Alabamian customer real soon. Thanks." – Sheryl, AL

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"Two weeks ago my cat got very sick and needed to be put down, but not before she had entirely ruined our upstairs carpeting. While at the State Fair, I walked by this product and, despite my husband's claims that this product wouldn't work, I figured that spending a small amount of money to try would be worth trying to save our upstairs, so I bought it. I applied it to the stains and then went to answer the phone. When I came back I had to feel for the wet area because the color and smell disappeared almost instantly. Since then, I have used it on all of my appliances and it has nearly replaced every other cleaner. I am here ordering more and giving some to my mom too. We are sad about our kitty, but happy that we don't have any lingering reminders either. Thank you!" – Lorraine, Madison, WI

"I recently bought your product at the Clark County Fair and fell in love with it! I will be sending all my freinds to try it and stock up myself. Thank you." – Erica G., Oregon

"Never have I purchased anything so good!! Just as soon as I received it, I tried it out on my carpet that my two little dogs had used the urinated on. This is the best I have ever seen and it did the job. Took out the smell and you would never know a stain had been anywhere on my carpet. For once, a product that does what it said it would do. Thanks ever so much!!!" – M. Cornett, Oak Ridge, TN

"This stuff is awesome! It not only works fantastic on pet stains and odors, it also works great on all kinds of other stains on clothes, carpets, etc. We love it!" – Sara, DeForest, WI

"I was at the fair and found this product. I had a cat that had peed everywhere...on my couch, my bed...anywhere he could go other than the litter box. I tried EVERYthing I could...I even took my cushions into the tub and had washed them...it did not work. The salesman told me this would work or my money back! My grandma said to me, "Don't waste your money on this". Let me tell you...IT WORKED!! I love it, use it to clean my carpets just because. I no longer have any cat pee smell any where in my house, not on any part of my furniture! IT works...I LOVE IT AND now I am buying more!" – Wendy, Vancouver, WA

"The product is working great. I have 2 Chihuahuas and one is a puppy still learning to potty train. He has the occasional accident. With the Bio-OX cleaner, he has not repeated an accident where I cleaned with you product. I am hooked!!!" – C. Johnston

"Your customer service is outstanding!!!" – Debbie, Chicago, IL.

"My son got a bloody nose, and got blood on my duvet cover. I soaked the spotted areas in Bio-OX for 5 minutes, and the stain was gone! Thank you Bio-OX!" – Heather, Edison, NJ.

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"The Bio-OX worked wonderfully. I am truly impressed. One treatment and the odor is gone. It also did a terrific job cleaning the floor mats in the process. I used the medium concentration and couldn't be happier with the results. Thanks so much for your assistance, very fast customer service and wonderful product. I will definitely recommend this to my friends and family." – Robert, Lexington, KY.

"Your product is amazing. We cannot live without it. We have three cats and the accidents they have are very easily cleaned up with your product. We have tried many other cleaners and yours is the only one that eliminates the stain fully with out a residue. We have praised your product to all of our friends and family." – K. Larson

"I came home late one night to find that my dog was sick and had dark runny stools over a 3'x4' area on cream-colored carpet. I soaked up as much of the liquid as possible with paper towels, then used Bio-ox on the remaining stains, placing clean white towels over the area and boards over the towels. As the area was so wet, I replaced the towels the following day. After the carpet dried, it was impossible to see where the stains had been. Amazing! It's nice to know that I can gets spots and odors out rather painlessly." – Jonna, Tacoma, WA

"I received your product with skepticism, and in a matter of a few hours, was a true believer. Thank you so much for making a product that lives up to the advertising. I can't tell you how many products I buy because of the hyped advertising, only to be disappointed. My beloved Black Lab was unfortunately 'sick' all over my brand new carpeting. How mad was I? I had to spray the area a few times, but the stain and odor disappeared completely. I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your product. Keep up the good work." – Lisa, Clark, NJ

"I am very happy with Bio-OX. Being able to have one product do just about everything is great! I am using it to spray down my Music Together instruments between classes." – Dana P., Music Together of Dallas

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"PAWS works fantastically, and I am actually sending two of my bottles to friends - highly recommended by a two dog family. PAWS even works wonders on an older carpet. Now if only we could train the two dogs to use the spray nozzle on the cleaner, that would be a miracle!" – Cindy N., Shrewsbury, PA

"Of all the cleaners out there on the market we’ve tried, Bio-OX and PAWS are by far the best. They are the only ones that actually work." – S. Essex, WI

"I have 3 cats and 2 puppies and PAWS works magic. I had 2 deep urine stains that I could not get out and PAWS pulled them right out. I have light colored carpets so you can only imagine the spots I had." – Carol, Sanford, NC

"Bio-OX is WONDERFUL. My husband had stepped in some oil outside and walked on our Berber carpet. This was about a year ago and I had tried several products to remove it...none worked EXCEPT for Bio-OX...removed every oil stain. Going to a friends house on Saturday to try on a stain....you may have another Alabamian customer real soon. Thanks." – Sheryl, AL

"I have used Bio-OX for over 2 years and have not found anything it won’t take out, including grease, plaster dust, oil and concrete from my husbands clothes (he is in construction). A co-worker recently asked me if I knew what would take puppy stains out of carpet. I gave her some Bio-OX. She came back a few days later wanting to know how to get more! Thanks for a GREAT product." – Joyce K, St. Paul, MN

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"Bio-OX is the best for cleaning cat vomit. It's great stuff!" – Gail, Seattle, WA

"I purchased Bio-OX at a state fair to try and get rid of a male cat's "mistakes" under a curio cabinet. We did not realize what the cat was doing until it was too late, and by that time the smell was terrible. After just one treatment with Bio-OX our carpet was just like new, and the smell in the room was completely gone! I never would have believed that it would clean up so easily and completely without actually seeing it myself! We also had a stain in the carpet from Silly Putty that had been there over two years. I tried other over the counter items, and the stain would disappear, but it would return in about a week or so. Since Bio-OX did such a good job with the cat urine, I thought I would give it a try on this stain. Just one application of Bio-OX, and the stain has been completely removed. Incredible! Thanks so much for a product that cleans so completely and easily." – Jennifer F., Reedsburg, WI

"I have tried every carpet cleaning solution on the market. I own a Yorkie who is CONSTANTLY forgetting that dogs are supposed to go outside to take care of business. My husband and I are moving out of our condo and I thought I would have to replace the carpet it was so bad! I tried PAWS and have fallen head over heels in love! I don't have to replace the carpet...it looks brand new. I will never buy another product again!" – Molly, Atlanta, GA

"Our clean-up crew at the Afghan Hound Club of America National Specialty Show used your product for clean up at the show, and I did not get one complaint from the hotel staff about dog smells. At home, my three dogs and three cats occasionally have an accident, but cleaning up with PAWS takes care of the smell. I use PAWS at home all the time now, and can't be without it. But you don't have to be a pet owner to use PAWS, it has magically taken the red wine out of my white carpet! Thank you again for introducing the "Afghan Hound" community to PAWS." – Sandy Nelson, Show Chair, 2004 AHCA National Specialty Show

"I just wanted to say that I am so impressed with your company. Your fast and efficient shipping was much appreciated" – Carol, Frisco, TX

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"There is no doubt in anyone's mind that attended our shows that PAWS not only delivers EXACTLY what you said but made everyone's stay odor free. Thanks again for working with us on this huge endeavor. You and your company definitely made the difference in assuring that we will be welcomed by other hotels in the future." – Susan Rodenski, Bulldog Club of America

"I was convinced there wasn't a product that would work better than the one I was already using. Was I wrong! I decided to try PAWS on a light colored rug that had been stained over a year ago by my puppy. I had treated it with another product and washed it, but the stain remained. I followed the instructions on the bottle and was astonished to see the stain actually begin to disappear before my eyes! I began as a skeptic, but I'm now a believer. PAWS is genuinely different. It truly works immediately and it truly removed even old stains; and I will strongly recommend it to everyone I know. It is far and away the BEST stain remover I have ever seen." – Debbie Anthony, Afghan Hound Club of America

"I have 5 dogs and puppy sit for two breeders and over the years have gotten many pee spots, and yes, an odor remains since previous cleaners did not do the job! The first day I received my order, one dog had diarrhea and I grabbed the paper towels and wiped up the mess as best I could as I was gagging. The Bio-OX was still sitting on the counter so I immediately sprayed the area with it. Oh my, it turned the carpet spot clean and immediately got rid of the smell. I was just so amazed. I've used it several times since on puppy spots. Then my husband was staining wood and bumped the can over on the carpet. He grabbed the Bio-OX and started spraying the area. He was literally amazed to see the wood stain mess dissolve. That was enough to convince him to throw away the other cleaners in the cupboard. We then had a dog throw up in the vehicle and he grabbed the Bio-OX again...amazed at the cleanup. He insisted that I reorder the product and also get some for the breeders that we puppy sit for." – Darlene O.

"Normally, my dogs don't make mistakes but I was pet sitting for my granddaughter with her dog. Well, I came home and the dog made quite a few mistakes in the kitchen and family room. I saw the bottle of PAWS and thought to myself........Well, here's the perfect opportunity to try it out! Well, It worked great.........as a matter of fact, if you ever go on HSN or QVC, let me know and I will call in and be your testimonial. The smell was gone completely and very quickly. GREAT PRODUCT!" – Susan, VA

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"Being the mother of an asthmatic son, it was amazing to see that he could sit on the stairs and talk to me as I cleaned using Bio-OX, as opposed to me sending him outside when I have to use other store products. He did not cough once and even he (a five year old boy) noticed. 'Mom, it’s not making me feel sick – that stuff is great!' " – Tara, Director, Sears Maid Service, Canada

"Your product is great. I bought two bottles of PAWS and it did what the bottle said it would." – Jack, PuppyPureBred.com

"A 3-year old dotted the cream colored carpet with yellow highlighter over a 2' - 3' area. Someone else tried to clean up the spots, but only suceeded in making it worse and leaving a large spot where dirt had risen to the surface. I sprayed the area, rubbed it, and placed a couple white towels over it. I placed a large board over the top and came back the next day. Not only was the carpet clean, but the bottom of the towel was too. I was suprised and pleased to see that the side of the towel that had been next to the board had a dirt ring and yellow spots on it. The stains had lifted clear through to the top of the towel!" – Jonna, Tacoma, WA

"I have four dogs and a cat, and whatever accidents they have produced, I have been able to remove with either Bio-OX or PAWS. I am very impressed with both products and will be a forever customer!! I love the convenience of the PAWS product. It is easy to use and convenient since it is all prepared and there is no mixing. I used PAWS on several types of stains. I really like it. It really does not have any smell. Just saturate the area, wait a few minutes, and just wipe or blot away the mess. Bio-OX is great on the tougher stains and I like the fresh scent and that when it dries it is barely noticeable. I would say that 95% of the time when I have had a tough stain such as urine from a male dog, one treatment with Bio-OX mixed at the strongest solution has removed it. When I first tried Bio-OX on these urine stains, some of which had been there a year and could not be removed using other products, they came out or were greatly reduced. A large area of my house is tiled, and cleaning grout is never a fun job. The floors especially seem to show dirt as the grout is a light color. All you need to do is mix it to the Super Duty Dilution, spray it on, let it do its work for a few minutes, and wipe it away to discover new looking grout!!" - Lynn L., Minneapolis, MN

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"Best stuff I've ever used! Can't begin to tell you just how happy I am. I used PAWS on old dog stains, including vomit where other products were used several times unsuccessfully." - F. Berman, Vineland, New Jersey

"I would really like to thank you for such a wonderful product. My husband and I moved into a new house a few months ago, and of course we added a puppy in addition to our other two dogs we currently have. Our downstairs carpet became disgusting from our puppy's mishaps; I was embarrassed to have people come over to see our new home. Well, I was completely amazed by PAWS. It is great!!!! Thank you again. I will recommend PAWS to everyone I know...and thank you for making my carpets look so great!!!!!" - Kelly O., Brick, New Jersey

"Bio-OX is truly the best cleaning product that my wife and I have used. We used it on a few carpet stains that we had been unable to get out with traditional carpet cleaners. I saturated the areas with Bio-OX for about 10 minutes then scrubbed the stains right out. After vacuuming the area, the carpets look as good as the day we moved in. We were truly amazed. We have mentioned it to a few friends and gave them the web site address to order for themselves. In fact, we'll be placing another order soon." - Josh, Pennsylvania

"Bio-OX completely removed two 8-year old yellow dog stains from my pure white carpeting. The best product in the world." - Linda, Trabuco Canyon, CA

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"Bio-OX is amazing. We got rid of mold stains and horrible mouse urine smell all over our house. The old, moldy laundry we thought was going in the fire is like new with no stains. Bio-OX restored an old, crusty leather holder to its original state. Absolutely amazing!" - Mrs. Holmes, Washington

"The most effective pet odor removal product that I have encountered! The only thing that works!" - Fran R., Lake Oswego, OR

"I own a cleaning business for both commercial and residential. I used to cart around a minimum of six cleaning agents, but not anymore! Bio-OX is the most incredible cleaning agent of the decade. Some of my clients have pets, others have specific illnesses that do not tolerate scents of any kind. Bio-OX is perfect! It not only cleans everything (and I do mean everything), it doesn't leave your home or office smelling like stale perfume. The only smell you get is CLEAN! From carpets to walls, baseboards to ceilings this product is a "must have" for anyone who cleans anything, cars, boats, houses, offices - you name it, Bio-OX will clean it." - Margo C., California

"We have 5 kids and 3 dogs. Our newest puppy took a while to house-break, but we were able to quickly remove any messes she made on our carpeting easily and completely. Bio-OX is the best product we've used!" - Cheryl C.

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"It seems like every day I find a new use for Bio-OX. I was trying to clean off my dry erase board, but the ink wouldn't come off. I had written phone numbers on it over 2 years ago and wanted to update them, but the ink would not come off no matter what I tried. My husband told me to just throw it away and buy a new one. So as a last resort, I sprayed a little Bio-OX on it and started rubbing it with a sponge. I was amazed....right before my eyes the ink was coming off. I was able to clean the entire board with very little effort. Bio-OX has saved me money time and time again. It has paid for itself in the first month of using it. What a great product to have in my house." - Pam G., Oregon

"Bio-OX is a WONDERFUL package! The instructions are perfect. It cleans like nothing I’ve seen. I must have a year’s supply!" - T. Bardeen, California

"I used Bio-OX on a very hard to remove stain in the bathtub - and it worked!!!! On the floor under where my door opens and closes was BLACK and now it is white again!!! Very impressed!!!" - CJ, New York

"I recently bought a house in which the carpet was in very stained. Two days after being cleaned by a "dry chem" company, the stains returned. Then, at a state fair, I spoke with a man who said that the stains would come out of the carpets with Bio-OX. I bought two 32 ounces bottles with a spray mixing bottle. I did everything he told me to do, though not really believing that the carpet would be "stain free", but just hoping for the stains to be less noticeable. I sprayed the stains first and let them set while I set up my carpet shampooer. I WAS SHOCKED!!!! Every stain is GONE!!!, even after a week! What dry chemical cleaning could not do, Bio-OX has done. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! I can't tell you that enough." - M.L. Ishoy, Spanaway, Washington

"I used Bio-OX to get a black stain out of my very light carpet. It worked so well, I washed my whole carpet with it. Then, I went shopping for a cushion for a couch. The store only had one left, but it had a large stain on it. The sales person offered it to me for 50% off. I thought to myself, Bio-OX will get that out. Sure enough, it did." - Merrill, New Jersey

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"Every Halloween I am the person that does my friend's face painting. This year I accidentally squirted out the black face paint a little too hard and it landed right on the cream colored rug! I thought it would never come out - and we had no carpet cleaner on hand - so I tried the all mighty Bio-OX and even though it took a few minutes, eventually the black stain on the cream carpet DID come out!!! I hope everyone buys it and tries it and realizes how well oxygen and orange oil work together! Thanks." - Caren, New York

"It was easy to set up. It got out an old wine stain and a rust stain from my kitchen countertop - awesome. It really worked. The peroxide action was cool to watch." - Jason, New Jersey

"Being a new father, I decided it was easier to let my daughter draw on the kitchen table than to take the crayons away. Bio-OX did a great job getting the colors off the table before her mother got home." - Seth R., New Jersey

"Bio-OX just continues to amaze me. I had worn a brand new t-shirt to my son's soccer practice. During practice, one of the other players kicked that ball and hit him square in the nose. The blood started to run immediately. In tending to his bloody nose, I got blood all over my new shirt. I was so disappointed. I really liked my new shirt. Well, that night before I went to bed, I decided to try Bio-OX on the blood stains. The next morning when I got up, the blood was gone. My shirt was saved. Thank you Bio-OX." - Pam G., Oregon

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"I have found the best of the best in pet odor and stain remover! The test was on a stain that was 3 years old that everything has been tried on, even pros. The stain was gone in less than 60 seconds." - EJD Salas, Vancouver, WA

"My niece uses this for her dogs -- very good!" - Mrs. T.

"My 3 year old daughter spent hours playing in the sand and mud at a company picnic. She was wearing her 4th of July outfit that consisted of a white shirt with an American flag on it and blue crop pants with white stars all over them. She had been adding water to the sandy mud and this stuff was ground into her clothes. I truly believed that the outfit was ruined. Well, the next morning I decided to try spraying a 1:10 solution of Bio-OX on her clothes. I let them sit a couple of hours before washing them. When I took them out of the dryer, WOW. They were just like new. The shirt was white. The reds and blues were still their original colors. Even all of the little white stars on the pants were white again. Without Bio-OX, the outfit would have been thrown away. Thank you." - Pam G., Oregon

"Bio-OX worked directly on glue which was on the glass. Thanks!!!!!!!!!" - L.A. Bruno

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